can change
the world.


An inviting and stylish design. A powerful but clean propulsion system. A slim and sporty electric car with a compact shape that requires only half of the road. Grey and drab are things of the past. I see green and clean cities with central hubs where everyone can easily unlock a car using their smartphone. I see world cities, companies and knowledge centres combining their knowledge and power. I see the future of mobility and urban transport.

The electric car that energizes you.

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#This_is_YKS1 1 / 5

Her sleek lines and smooth forms are seductive. The perfect balance between style and sport.

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#This_is_YKS1 2 / 5

Despite her slender shape, she offers plenty of space for a suitcase, package or groceries.

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Turn corners with the self-assurance of a race car driver. YKSI makes urban driving into an experience.

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plastic soep
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Body made from plastic soup.

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tomatenvezel composiet
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Chassis made of tomato fiber composite.

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YKS1 offers solutions.

Air pollution

Fine particles, nitrogen and CO2. We are sick of it. And so are our lungs. Our cities must and can be cleaner. It is no accident that we chose YKSI as the name for our first vehicle of the future. YKSI = one in Finnish. And look at that: Finland has been the European number one in the field of sustainability for years. Driven by renewable energy sources, Finland has become a leader in CO2 reduction. A shining green example and inspiration for our own YKSI.

Crowded cities

Alone time with YKSI is something to savour. Give her your attention and she’ll give you energy in return. You’re at the steering wheel, so you’re in control. Another advantage of a single-seater is that you only need half of the road. Capacity problems and traffic jams in cities will become a thing of the past overnight. And despite her slender shape, she offers plenty of space for a suitcase, package or groceries. And rest assured: a comfortable seat.

Future-proof cities

With YKSI, we are heading in a new direction. A direction that helps cities fulfil their environmental and reduction promises. This has become more relevant than ever after the NGO ‘Environmental Defense’ sued the Dutch state and the judge ordered the Dutch state to do more to combat air pollution. We want to contribute to this with YKSI. Green HUBs on logistical nodes with clean, electric transport that is accessible to everyone. No oversized, three-quarters empty, polluting cars clogging up the city, but perfectly sized, flexible and clean passenger and freight transport.



& Strength/Power

Sharing is the new having. We’re not developing YKSI for ourselves, but for everyone. Our main goal is to make the YKSI a reality, which is why we will embrace every idea, initiative or advice that gets us closer to our goal. Help is welcome and knowledge = power. That’s why we are happy to work with companies, governments, investors and knowledge centres in the Netherlands and abroad. Together we will pave the way to the right future.

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